Available for iPhone and Android, Uptune claims to make mixing your band possible without help from another person. It's like having someone with good ears in the audience position giving you the thumbs-up or thumbs-down during soundcheck. Read more


Our worship services aren’t created through lighting cues, fader positions or IMAG shot selections. They are designed around ministry goals and supported by ministry moments we church techs help create. Here's how to think them through. Read more


There are numerous nuanced functions on a modern console that can help you through a tough situation--as long as you know about them. Three of them, generally underutilized by church operators, can help you go deeper with your desk for solid results. Read more


Mix clarity comes from volume differentiation, effects usage, but most of all, mix clarity comes from frequency ownership. Read more

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New Version Expands Support Across Shure Wireless Microphone and Audio Systems for Conferencing Read more


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CPM sought out some seasoned church techs and asked what they find crucial to keep at FOH. The list ranges from the basics of hand sanitizer, batteries and breath mints to spare mics, an SPL meter and IEM's. What else would you add? Read more

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The dual diaphragms are typically associated with studio and other larger format microphones. So what does this technology offer when the entire mic is smaller than your little fingernail? First, it offers twice the surface area to capture audio.... Read more


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Image courtesy of Meyer Sound.

It doesn’t matter how much you pay for your new sound system. If the acoustical environment in your worship space is problematic, your worship sound will suffer to some degree. It’s unavoidable. Sound systems and church acoustics go hand in glove. Read more

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Dismissing sound or saying it’s “good enough” might be the biggest mistake you could possibly make in your live-streaming ministry. But there are smart ways to troubleshoot before any trouble has a chance to start. Read more

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Bristol’s State Street Church deploys WorxAudio loudspeakers, a StudioLive Series III digital console, and a StudioLive 32R Series III stage box / rack mixer for increased versatility Read more


Extracts audio from and inserts audio into an HDMI video signal Read more


Thanks to DPA's CORE amplifier technology, our reviewer notes, the smaller (3 mm) capsule delivers the same performance as previous larger designs--maybe even better. It also offers a comfortable design with grips for both ears. Read more

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Easter is the time we often bring out the big choir and the entire local symphony to proclaim what Christ has done. But oftentimes with all that celebrating we run into some unique technical roadblocks. Read more


Designed to enhance support, resources and solutions for integrators and end users Read more


CP Communications will now distribute K-array audio solutions in Florida to start, as the company expands to corporate events, concerts, church installation and live worship events Read more


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How exactly will Dante AV impact the video aspect of your weekend services? Can it truly be as flexible as Dante audio? Here we share our initial thoughts on this promising technology. Read more


CCI Solutions' upgrade at Christ Church of the Valley’s Etiwanda Gardens campus includes a comprehensive Martin Audio CDD-LIVE sound system. Read more


Sized between full-size array systems and the traditional point-source cabinets, the new Imperio System can be deployed in a multitude of different configurations and used for installation in small-to-mid-size venues Read more


Marcus Pointe Church in Pensacola, Fla., celebrates the resurrection in a baseball stadium packed with community—and technology. Read more

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I/O sharing with separate gain control and shared pre-amp control with automatic individual gain compensation Read more


Bose introduces its Panaray MSA12X Modular Steerable Array Loudspeaker. Read more

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Passive Cardioid Technology's first application in Fulcrum's TQ Install line Read more

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    d&b audiotechnik KSL Series Loudspeakers

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