A tour sound and studio veteran weighs in on what it takes to get church percussion sounding just right. Read more

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Syva colinear system chosen for modular design, excellent gain-before-feedback, svelte form factor and big sound at this acoustically challenging worship space Read more


Brand new cathedral is modern, but with traditional concrete, high ceilings and large, exposed expanses of walls Read more


After a windstorm destroys part of Calvary Baptist in Colorado Springs, a portable Martin Audio system is used during reconstruction and a permanent install with Martin follows Read more


Audio and battery life upgrades with high-resolution Bluetooth 5 capabilities Read more


New product bundles are designed to make it easier for customers to find products they need in one package. Read more


A new Livemix accessory improves built-in intercom and free firmware update adds new features Read more


The tiny, durable cardioid condenser headset offers superior sound quality, CPM’s reviewer notes, while remaining virtually undetectable. Even its 1.2mm cable is a powerhouse. Read more


Administrators of large networked audio systems can now assign the privilege structure of Dante Domain Manager to RedNet Control users Read more


Sapphire Sound’s first d&b Soundscape installation, and the first in a house of worship for d&b anywhere in the world Read more


Dirty power has become the go to word to describe any oddity or instability in the incoming electrical quality. It often involves voltage fluctuations, frequency changes, and other variations that cause the power to be unstable. These fluctuations... Read more

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Audio install in South Carolina draws attention of several other churches nationwide Read more


Soon, 600-MHz broadband services will be fired up across the country and using mics in those frequencies will become illegal. Here’s expert advice on getting reliable wireless audio in a shrinking available spectrum. Read more


Blackhawk Audio integrates SD5, SD5B and SD12 consoles and four SD-Racks connected via Optocore Read more


Here are some fun and creative ways you can improve the clarity and punch in your church's audio mix. Read more

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The big news here is that PreSonus has reached this 64-input mark at a previously unheard of price point of around $4,000. Read more


While designed as a hand-held vocal mic for live sound, a condenser microphone of this quality can effectively double as a studio recording microphone for vocals or instruments. Read more


The new, more affordable, 2028 is designed to sound similar to the brand’s flagship handheld mic, the 4018 VL. Read more


Students at Nashville university learn audio-over-IP, Dante Controller and RedNet Control before getting out in the real world Read more


The H7 cardioid headset allows you to eliminate as much ambient noise as possible while capturing pristine sound from an almost invisible headset mic. It also comes with a tough-as-nails cable and can persevere through a sweat storm. Read more

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Bose introduces its Panaray MSA12X Modular Steerable Array Loudspeaker. Read more

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Passive Cardioid Technology's first application in Fulcrum's TQ Install line Read more

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  • d&b audiotechnik KSL Series Loudspeakers

    d&b audiotechnik KSL Series Loudspeakers

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