August 2022


Reinforcing the fabric of community

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy, features the world's most celebrated piazza, designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. But even Bernini's design was a redesign to emphasize a pilgrimage to the basilica. Architects today are still reemphasizing a way for community to thrive in and around places of worship.

One example is Omniplan's recent renovation of Dallas's Park Cities Presbyterian Church—a downtown place of worship with structures old and new joined by a central outdoor meeting place that serves as an anchor for community.

As Omniplan's director and design leader, Mark Holsinger, puts it, “For a lot of these churches, their best asset is their facilities and the land they own, and they are looking to do anything they can to invite people onto their campuses." This edition, take a look at the present-day piazza approach at Park Cities Presbyterian, both outside and in.


Carol Badaracco Padgett, Editor, Church.Design

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