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Bio: BILL SWARINGIM is married, father of three girls and serves as Creative Arts Director at The Crossing, a multi-site church in St. Louis, MO ( Before stepping into his current role, Bill spent nine years as the Technical Arts Director at The Crossing and has been serving the local church through the technical arts for the past 20 years. He is part of the leadership team of Church Technical Leaders. You can connect with him at

You may feel scattered after hours upon hours on a set design or a new system install. Or maybe it’s just the amount of stress you’re shouldering over weekend services that’s taking its toll. But take heart—we’ve all been there, and God didn’t int... more


Wireless DMX option transmits DMX data to compatible wireless dimmers without cabling more

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Church Technical Director Roundtable more


I had to make sure ‘all the plates kept spinning’ in order to accomplish what needed to happen. Then it happened. I realized Mr. Miyagi was wrong. Balance in life is a myth more


I have a mantra that I tell the audio guys on my tech wife even knows it by heart. ‘Garbage in Garbage out.' If that amp, instrument or vocal sounds wrong take the time to make it better. That will mean working with the musician or voca... more


Saying ‘Yes, but’ instead of ‘no’ allows you the opportunity to let your leadership decided the priorities of that request. It also allows you the opportunity to help educate your leadership in really what your world looks like and what it entails. more


growing, sharing, learning. Together! more


When working with electronic technology and human resource it is inevitable a ‘glitch’ will arise. I have found three principles to help handle those glitches… more


Robert Scovill has been called a legendary live sound engineer, one of the most respected people in live sound, one of the most influential people in the business and just an all around great guy. more

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How do you create that space to allow you to better engage with volunteers by connecting and conversing with them instead of always pushing to make tasks happen? more


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