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For the average church tech, there’s probably no better place to be immersed in audio, video and lighting presentation technologies than the InfoComm show. more



As a technical team leader, it's important to focus on what's good about your productions and your team -- and not just on the weak points that need improvement. The idea is to shift a mindset of "if only" to a culture of "what if...." more


For the church tech, the NAB Show offers a one-stop shop for all things video production.  For the church content creator, it’s a veritable playground of opportunities to acquire the tools and technologies required to do world-class production. more


Who do you work for? Think about it. He can do anything, including listening to your prayers and helping to steady you when the going gets tough. more


We’ll go out on a limb and say it was the strongest NAMM show for church techs in quite a few years. more


LDI is almost entirely about “visuals.” In light of that, LDI is an important event for church tech artists who are supporting their church's ever-changing rotation of sermon series.. more


Nearly 230 exhibitors displayed thousands of products for church productions at WFX. These Top 5 products were decided based on price vs performance, affordability and ease of use. more


NAB is all about content creation and distribution. With over one million square feet of exhibit space, it's enough to put any church tech into “overload.” more


Christmas Production Work ... in January? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? more

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A sampling of major lighting manufacturers’ offerings. more


Think the gold standard of mics was minted in 1958? Hardly. While the Shure SM58 remains the world’s best-selling microphone, innovation continues in some unusual, remarkable and exciting ways. more


Our natural inclination is to only work on areas that need improvement, so they get the most attention. Wrong. We need to document what went right so we can repeat it. more


“Can Google Outsmart Apple?” was the headline of the October 2014 issue of Fast Company Magazine. Now we may know more about what prompted that question. more


Sometimes called the "musical instrument" of the visual artist, lighting consoles for churches are evolving. Here is a list of the latest offerings targeted towards houses of worship. more

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Instead of focusing on the massive gap between our church and “that giga-church with all the toys,” what if we focused on the smaller, more achievable goals? more

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The difference between working and serving is not determined by whether or not a paycheck is involved. more


As some churches become more “event-driven,” the “faces” of the event (the pastors, worship leaders, musicians etc) need to change to fit the brand. Those that don’t fit the brand are let go, or asked to retire. more

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start by defining your “must wins” for the entire year. Make a long list, then pare it down to just to the top three. You can plan to do more, but these are the top three that you would find unacceptable not to achieve. more


Ace Backstage’s Microphone Softpod can hold six mics for about the price of two mic stands. more

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