Simply put, the better you understand different camera lenses, the better your church photography, videography and filmmaking will be. Read more


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Nils Becker

Visitors can get an up-close look at ETC’s latest studio lighting products April 8-11 in Las Vegas. Read more


A good audio signal is more important than high-quality video. You cannot keep the attention of remote viewers on your broadcast or video streaming if the audio is poor. What constitutes good broadcast audio? Here's what an expert says. Read more

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Multi-campus church in central Florida acquires a versatile system for both house and stage lighting in the main campus to transition for use in broadcast Read more


When it's time to purchase video displays, where does a church tech begin? CPM's guide points you in the right direction. Read more


Church Production goes behind the scenes with live production directors at several of the country's most influential churches to learn how video is changing the live production landscape. Read more


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Adam Fish

The Texas multisite, one of the fastest-growing in the U.S., standardizes with Fujinon, citing high quality and equally high value. Read more


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