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Bio: Chris Huff has been behind the mixer for over 20 years. He's an audio engineer at Greenwood Christian Church in Greenwood, Indiana. Chris writes about the world of church audio at He's the author of Audio Essentials for Church Sound.

It's good to have a healthy, honest opinion of yourself. The problem occurs when you deny your shortcomings, your failings, and you view yourself as better than others. Read more

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It's time to see prayer differently. Do not let your prayer time be limited to a time or a place. Prayer is the most powerful connection God gives us. Read more

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When you work in tech ministry, it can be difficult to worship around all the busyness of production. Yet prayer in total devotion requires our complete presence and engagement. Read more

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Mix clarity comes from volume differentiation, effects usage, but most of all, mix clarity comes from frequency ownership. Read more

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Besides great sound, the little things stand out—like the locking AC plug, dual pole mounts and the ergonomic handle.  For our reviewer, the hardest part of testing these speakers was returning them. Read more


Ear fatigue can make us believe we need to boost the volume. Let’s say you’ve been mixing a loud band for thirty minutes. You'll experience Temporary Threshold Shift (TTS) which is an upward shift in the threshold of human hearing. Read more

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Designed for ultra-long throws, the new ULT-Series loudspeakers were developed by WorxAudio, the commercial loudspeaker division of PreSonus. No matter what we threw at these new speakers, they sounded great. Read more


The CADLive WX3000 wireless system from CAD Audio offers numerous features designed to reduce interference in situations where multiple wireless systems are operating—features not often found in this price range. It sounds great, is easy to oper... Read more


Come December, you don't want to hear yourself say, "oh yeah, we had this same problem last year." Be pro-active, have a plan, and enjoy the next Christmas season. Read more

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We heard instruments we’d never noticed before. The low end was solid and didn’t interfere with the reproduction of the mids and highs. Read more

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The beamwidth of 90x50 provided good coverage for most portable venues. Read more


No 1: Keep an understudy in the loop on all communications and plans. Find the other nine, crucial steps from CPM’s Christmas road-worn tech veteran contributor. Read more


A report designed to help church techs pick presenter microphones. Read more


Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out during sound checks? The change begins by starting your next sound check now. Read more


In a world of seductive audio consoles, the best audio improvement might be in the form of a loudspeaker upgrade. Read more


Is it too much to ask for a hum eliminator to do its job without negatively affecting the audio signal quality? Radial doesn’t think so. Read more


What you don't know could hurt you, your workflow and your signal quality. Read more

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More than half of musicians using personal monitors are unhappy with the results. Even worse, they're likely to remain quiet and not tell you about it. Read more

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Enables users to easily talk directly with the band without broadcasting into the house mix. Read more


The range of loudspeakers and subwoofers in the I Series could make it ideal for upgrading multiple venues for a consistent sound. Read more

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