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In the excitement and intensity of ministry, it is easy to become so focused on serving God that we forget to seek Him. But how can we hear the Lord's whisper if we never stop, turn down the volume of life, and listen? more


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Do you have what it takes to be successful in the role? The job involves technical know-how and a talent for logistics, for sure, but there are other critical ingredients, including intrinsic motivation--or the call to ministry. more


A CPM reviewer takes an initial look at Radial's new Catapult Mini, a compact four-channel Cat 5 audio snake. "What caught my eye with these are the various uses I could dream up...." he notes. more

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Scripture has a lot to say about leaning on one another. When we're experiencing difficulty, maybe we need to find another person God has put into our path that we can trust, and then unload. more


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If your church is multisite or headed that way, there are a number of factors to consider in choosing (and reusing) audio systems. Not least of them, the sonic, acoustical and infrastructural differences between venues. more


Camera movement can create undeniable impact--helping capture unforgettable moments from new perspectives. For church filmmakers, innovative tools from sliders to drones to gimbal systems mean they're limited only by their imaginations. more


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Church techs can avoid those "hair on fire" moments that inevitably happen in live production. All it takes is a little forethought and the willingness to rely on a predetermined process that you can arrive at in three simple maneuvers. more


Is a PTZ camera right for your live-video productions? The truth is, maybe ... and maybe not. A streaming expert shares what church techs should consider to pick the right camera option for their ministry and budget. more


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From console interfaces, calculators, stand-alone apps, to reference guides, these apps shine. more


Tablet-based mixer is designed for relatively simple applications with modest I/O counts and no audio-over-IP. It’s an interesting approach to mixing that doesn’t require an app. The tablet connects directly to the digital interface via WiFi. more


Two compact models are designed to offer a high load capacity of 15 amps and heavy-duty, road-ready metal construction. more



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Coordinating your lighting design with the use of your video can add a new dimension of aesthetics to your worship environment. more


Look around you. Church technical arts and pro AVL tend to be dominated by men. But CPM's contributor proposes that this needs to change, and that there is a biblical imperative for women serving in church tech. more

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Church creatives tend to be quick thinkers. But there are times when slowing down before taking action can help create a richer idea palette, and a better production in the long-run. more


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Image courtesy of Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, Kan.

Live directing isn't for the faint of heart. It requires the ability to deliver clear direction, quick feedback, and maintain a steady emotional equilibrium when dealing with others. Following are simple tips that can help. more


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Live streaming excellence is not beyond your reach. What small churches lack in resources, they often make up for in determination. And even little improvements, over time, will make for a live-streaming ministry that starts to match your big vision. more


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These three simple caveats can keep your equipment planning and purchasing on task and relatively trouble-free. more



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The Cadac CDC 7 offers a combination of top shelf audio processing and a user experience that distances itself from the traditional analog workflow, CPM's reviewer finds. more


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The two basic approaches to running lighting each come with draws and drawbacks that church techs must weigh. And a hybrid of the two is yet another option to consider. more


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As church techs, how many productions, projects, or events have subtly taken the place of God as our object of worship? Examining Deuteronomy 4:25-31 can lend perspective and help us get back on track. more


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