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Church filmmaking requires investment. There's no getting around it. But it's difficult to get leadership to green light that investment if you can't fully explain why a larger team and adequate gear is vital to your church's mission. more


Boom-1 is designed to deliver DSP processing to optimize the bass sensation, compensating for different transducer designs, mounting systems and even music styles. more



Tech directors and pastors rely on each other for their church's ultimate success. But as you know, getting both busy parties speaking the same language can be challenging. Use these tips to help get the communication flowing. more


Like a two-way speaker with a woofer and tweeter, the sonically detailed C-100 microphone uses two diaphragms of different sizes. The smaller diaphragm extends to 50 kHz, while the larger handles lower frequencies. more


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An explosion of innovation is hitting the 2018 tech arts arena in the form of video switchers. Switchers continue to pack on new features and promise more value than ever before. Here are some of the key features tech directors should hone in on. more


I remember that set because I mixed it and I left disappointed in how it turned out. Now, here was God showing me firsthand that His definition of excellence, not mine, is what matters. John 6:1-13 spoke to my heart. more

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Once you have weeded out desks that don’t fit the budget or capabilities profile, you will still likely have four or more desks from which to choose. Now what? more

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The Texas multisite, one of the fastest-growing in the U.S., standardizes with Fujinon, citing high quality and equally high value. more


CPM caught up with Adrian Lopez, lead director of live production at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, for a compelling Q&A any church tech can learn from. more



There's no perfect system for all the situations your team will face. What works for one, won't work for all, but consider when one will be better than another and invest accordingly. more


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Just because things get busy doesn’t mean that they should be overwhelming. And just because there are high expectations doesn’t mean that we have to be crippled by them. more


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The High End Systems SolaHyBeam is a hybrid moving light that functions as both a spot and a wash fixture. The versatile fixture comes in two models, the 26,000-lumen SolaHybeam 2000 and the 20,000-lumen SolaHybeam 1000. more


Achieving quality audio for worship is a complex job. To help designers, and ultimately the churches they serve, there are professional acoustic simulation software tools that help alleviate the guesswork. more



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A media server can let you tie what's on your screens with what your lighting is doing. And while that can add another layer of complexity to your efforts, the visible step up in professionalism may well be worth the effort. more


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You'll never accidentally get better at your job or at life. It takes an intentional plan to grow, and it takes God's guidance. Here, one tech leader shares his 4-point strategy for personal growth. more


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How to develop and cultivate a technical standard of excellence for all your church's services. more


A Tennessee visual director puts his heart into the mission of Knoxville's Park West Church. more

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When it comes to drone cinematography, less is almost always more. And yet, a few strategically captured drone shots can oftentimes lend a God's-eye perspective in a powerful way that no other single shot can. more

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The 7.5-pound Z100 fixture features a 100W COB LED light engine, beam angles of 9-30 degrees with detents at nine, 15, 20, 25 and 30 degrees, a five-pin DMX in and through, and PowerCon AC power in and through. more


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How many church techs are just as intentional about their spiritual preparedness for the weekend as they are about their input list for the band? With the same care we prepare our console, Christ calls us to prepare spiritually to serve Him. more


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