December 2022


Merry Christmas from Church.Design

As churches celebrate Christmas 2022, perhaps contradictions abound. Age-old truth is taught in complex and highly populated modern structures. The message of the simple, profound birth of our Savior is told amid a dizzying flurry of noisy activity in a high-tech, heavily scheduled world. With everything else going on, it's not necessarily a time when mass security is front of mind.

For 2023, though, perhaps the design changes needed to help secure church safety are a gift that designers can start planning now. How can current modifications to ingress and egress help ensure safer Easter services this spring? How can building materials, wayfinding, parking areas, and perimeters work together to invite community yet deter threat in the New Year?

This edition of Church.Design honors the past, looks to the future, and leaves the built environment in your capable hearts and hands.


Carol Badaracco Padgett, Editor, Church.Design

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