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Toshiba displays being installed to interactively inform members of Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church and the Naples, Fla., community about the many activities and events held on the 27-acre campus. Read more


Digital signage for the price of three cups of coffee a month Read more


At WFX, Absen will showcase its Acclaim Series as well as the popular N-Series at booth number 1007. Read more


New units are designed to easily distribute one or more HDMI sources to multiple displays on any LAN. Read more

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Production Designer Scott Moore combines 140 FlexCurve LED panels for custom video wall creation at “Give Thanks”. Read more


Sexy features on digital consoles often steal our attention away from basic signal integrity. Who can blame them? They are a lot more interesting than passive coils of wire wound around metal cores. Or so it would seem. Read more

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It doesn’t just do HDMI, but adds USB, audio, RS-232 and IR making it equally ideal for multipurpose rooms, portable church and digital signage. Read more

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What every church needs to know about digital signage Read more

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Want to distribute video throughout your building, or add digital signage on a budget? New modulator offers features and options that could save churches money. Read more

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New atrium, found just inside the building's Broadway facade, was designed be an innovative and inviting "third space" that would draw New Yorkers in to relax, socialize, have a snack, connect via free WiFi and ultimately be exposed to both Script... Read more

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