Large-sensor cameras are boss when it comes to capturing digital video. Yet despite the beautiful images they produce, there are times when they’re simply not the best choice for a church tech team. A CPM video expert weighs in. more

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Tablet-based mixer is designed for relatively simple applications with modest I/O counts and no audio-over-IP. It’s an interesting approach to mixing that doesn’t require an app. The tablet connects directly to the digital interface via WiFi. more



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If you’re ready to take your mixes and truly make them final, WaveLab Pro 9.5 is chock-full of the tools you need. CPM's reviewer "torture-tested" it and shares, "Dive in, and you’ll discover there’s almost nothing WaveLab can’t do to an audio file." more


Initial release includes 15 EQs and dynamics processors available individually or in bundles more


We found it to be ideal for church applications requiring just a few channels of wireless (up to a maximum of 11) or for adding to an existing house of worship system operating in another frequency band. more


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