Fairhaven Church lighting designer Jacob VanVlymen contrasts Maundy Thursday and Easter with color spectrum provided by Rogue R2 Wash fixtures Read more


An epic day on the church calendar is just around the corner. Let's pause long enough to ponder the miracle this day represents. Read more


Pennsylvania church tech team finds original filmmaking critical to reaching unchurched crowd and brings in ARRI lighting to up their game. Read more

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The stress can mount up fast when you’re a “by-the-seat-of-your-pants” planner. So the time to start thinking about Easter is now, while you still have a little glow left over from the 2016 Christmas services. Read more


Rogue RH1 Hybrid moving fixtures light pre-service concert and Easter celebration Read more


Easter is the time we often bring out the big choir and the entire local symphony to proclaim what Christ has done. Oftentimes with all that celebrating we run into some unique technical roadblocks, though. Here, advice to help rise above the hurd... Read more


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