Good cinematography tools won’t make you a better storyteller, but they can free up hours in pre-production and priceless minutes on set. They can also unleash creativity and experimentation. Check out these mind-bending options. Read more


New Thunderbolt 3 external graphics processor delivers desktop-class performance for MacBook Pro Read more



Image courtesy of Steinberg.

If you’re ready to take your mixes and truly make them final, WaveLab Pro 9.5 is chock-full of the tools you need. CPM's reviewer "torture-tested" it and shares, "Dive in, and you’ll discover there’s almost nothing WaveLab can’t do to an audio file." Read more


If you work at a church that uses the same camera system for filmed shoots as well as IMAG, then these Compact-Servo lenses could be a fantastic investment. Read more


Motion graphics for churches

Courtesy of Woody Davis and Hope Community Church, Raleigh NC

If you're not using motion graphics for backgrounds, or if you'd like to take your motion graphics to the next level, here's how you can get started today. Read more


The App Store includes apps for everything from script writing, scheduling, shooting, recording audio, editing and posting to social media and more. Here are ten killer apps every church tech should know about. Read more


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