There are three basic types of leadership models that Olson finds himself using: The General, Shoulder-to-Shoulder, and the Brush Cutter. Which one best describes you? Read more


Similar to a scorching late summer afternoon, on-the-job stress may be a huge source of heat and discomfort in our lives. Read more


Are you knowledgeable about the components that make up a truly successful lighting design? Here are six functions to consider that make your lighting design intent more clear and your overall craft leaps-and-bounds better. Read more

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Most church techs are introverts. Many of us love serving in the booth just so we don’t have to talk to others. While we can talk shop for hours with our peers, when it comes to casual chit-chat, no thanks. Read more


Preset scenes allow the engineer to focus on the subtle changes that will transform a good mix into a great mix. Read more


As a church TD or volunteer, your time is naturally stretched thin. So you want your daily doings to be worthy pursuits. These tips can help you implement God-honoring habits that actually stick--and make a true difference. Read more

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Technical directors deal with so much more than gear and technical issues. To be a successful TD with a successful team, we must become excellent communicators ... with people. Here's how to build that vital connection. Read more


In the quest for higher quality church video production, it pays to give audio serious consideration on the front end. Some key attributes to consider: audio quality, low internal noise, and potentially--mic invisibility. Read more


Directing the live video stream: It's all about understanding the point of view of the worshipper. Read more


In the quest for higher quality church video productions, it pays to give audio serious consideration on the front end Read more


ADJ Lighting two-day summer ADJ Road Tour event at Soundcheck Nashville to demo latest lighting, audio, and video technologies, with tech sessions on lighting and video control solutions. Read more


What does esports have that your church film team can learn from? A good bit, it turns out. Check out the three key areas our church film expert notes. Read more


Video content on its own can miss the mark unless it’s catered to a specific purpose. Here are three critical purposes that can keep your church's video and filmmaking efforts on track -- speaking to and saving souls. Read more


The BMPCC4K boasts a number of best-in-class features, beginning with the camera’s ability to capture full DCI 4K footage in 60 fps and HD footage at 120 fps (with a cropped sensor scan). Read more


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Access—to racks, to wiring, to devices, to consumables like lamps—is too often not part of the conversation during the systems design stages. Putting that concern earlier in the discussion can reap significant rewards later for your tech staff. Read more


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If you're a church filmmaker, sit up and take note. A fledgling event designed specifically for church filmmakers and content creators is heading into its third, very powerful year. Read more


Lighting is about much more than making sure a set is properly lit. It’s about intentionally setting a mood, creating an atmosphere, and transforming a space into something new and captivating. Read more


When creating your lighting design, be sure to spread out and layer your lighting locations. Placing lights at different levels allows the layering of different colors and will allow for more possibilities for different lighting looks. Read more

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Are you making decisions based on a preference to stay in the background? Getting out of our comfort zones is always rewarding, though rarely easy. I know this from personal experience. Read more

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Consider what our eyes and brains do when we’re seeing. They pick something of interest, then examine that something more closely. If you mimic this human trait with your shots, your viewers will be effectively “pulled in” to the experience. Read more

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