The old adage that says "pick two" may be true for certain construction or service industries, but it should not be true for church tech. We have a biblical imperative that says otherwise. more

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Here are 6 quick fixes to make your email more compelling than the others that are streaming into the inbox: more


Learn more about the top university programs in stage management, design, technology and production at “The URTAs.” more

Nov 3, 2017 6:04 PM News

When you focus on advance planning and communication, you can add tremendous value to your team and show them that you really care. more

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Surely God understands that since we attend so many church services we don't really need to read His Word or pray like other people do. Right? more


Like everything in technology: things are constantly changing. So what was true before, may not be true now. There’s always more to learn. more


A few ideas to reduce stress for churches of all sizes more


Finding new team members is critical for every church tech team. The big question is: What’s the best way to do it? more

Oct 26, 2017 10:43 AM Education

On-line and on-site training available for staging and rigging professionals. more

Oct 24, 2017 2:23 PM Education

Maintaining a stress-free sound check does not simply mean that everything is working technically. It's also about keeping a professional, clean and relaxing environment. more

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Embracing a cinematic mindset can transform the experience and effectiveness of your services in a powerful way. more

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Many church techs don't think of themselves as natural leaders. However, literally anyone is capable of being a leader. All it takes is a true heart for servanthood. more


Free live sessions taught by product support group personnel, guest speakers and end users more

Oct 9, 2017 1:12 PM News

“I used to spend so much time setting up and mic’ing guitar cabinets each week.,” says Bryce Boynton, audio director at Flatirons Church. “It just seemed like there had to be an easier way. more


Trade organization evolves name to include more diverse community of professionals more

Oct 5, 2017 12:45 PM News

Do you know what to do if an active shooter enters the worship center? How long would it take you to react? What protocols do you have in place? Here's a framework for starting (or refining) your church's emergency operations plan. more

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The difference between the rookie and the professional is the professional knows recognize, survive and learn from mistakes. more

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While there is no way to completely secure your network.  What you can do is plan for it, put some protections in place, and make sure you are in a position to recover well. Here's the latest intel on preventing an IT network disaster at your church. more

Sep 21, 2017 12:41 PM Education

Mix clarity comes from volume differentiation, effects usage, but most of all, mix clarity comes from frequency ownership. more

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You should never set out to make your IMAG look like church X, especially when you don’t know what church X’s circumstances are. Instead you should look at what church X does and try and figure out why they do it that way. The “why” is far more u... more

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