In the glorious analog days, distortion worked for the sound guy like it did for the guitarist. Once we reached the digital age, it changed. Now signals are clipped and go straight from “Hey, that sounds amazing!” to “What just happened?” in a dB or Read more

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Church tech directors take note. A report on the rise of a new approach for live production and professional broadcast. Read more

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Church of the Highlands Production Director Justin Firesheets shares the top technologies he anticipates will expand minds in the world of church production this year. See if you agree. Read more


Microphones represent a complex category. Consultants share what makes this so, and what church techs can do to achieve great sound--right where it starts. Read more


Stand- or boom-mounted mics rarely work well for acoustic guitar players in a live sound environment. And the tone from internal pick-ups can leave a lot to be desired. Here's a hybrid approach for sound engineers. Read more

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A good audio signal is more important than high-quality video. You cannot keep the attention of remote viewers on your broadcast or video streaming if the audio is poor. What constitutes good broadcast audio? Here's what an expert says. Read more

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We read blogs and listen to podcasts about how we can grow in our technical or leadership skill. But how often do we put that same amount of effort into growing as a parent or a spouse? Read more

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Maybe you see the advantage of a multi-cam production workflow, but you aren't sure it's good stewardship of funds. Take another look. There are creative, affordable solutions that can help you reach more people without breaking the bank. Read more


The buttons, faders, and gear are so fun at first. And then reality sinks in. Being a church tech is tough work. A seasoned veteran shares how to balance the demands, grow your skills, and keep perspective on Whom you truly serve, in three key steps. Read more


Everybody knows the importance of safety on the job. But it can oftentimes be overlooked by small teams who are rushed to set up an entire church--sound, video, chairs--in just a couple of hours. Read more


Two veteran lighting directors share their approach on using lighting cues to your best advantage--with the ability to be ready for those moments when the worship service doesn't proceed as planned. Read more


Tech is always changing, but this time the destination is clear: wireless. Our reporter proposes that we not view new wireless collaboration devices as another possible headache, but rather as a $1,000 insurance policy. Read more


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Incorrect or mixed color temperature lighting may not be blatantly obvious, but it can make a worship space feel “off" and unsettling. Pay attention to it and you can improve both your worship environment and your video. Read more


No one should be able to say, “I’m the only one who can do this.” If you don't have a training program for your church tech team, the Apostle Paul offers you a blueprint. Read more

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All church techs, staff and volunteer, understand growing pains. And some tech departments are reorganizing to better accommodate changes in technology and rapid church growth. One example is Central Indiana's Northview Church. Read more


Safety, reliability and compatibility are all concerns when using hand-me-down gear. Church consultants and integrators share their insights to help tech directors make the best call on used gear. Read more


‘House of Worship Masterclass’ to demonstrate general concepts and dLive-specific tricks for improving worship mix intelligibility and balance Read more


You don't wait until your check-engine light comes on to get routine maintenance on your car. Make sure it's the same way with your team's gear. Schedule time to routinely clean and maintain it so you can rely on it week in, week out. Read more


There’s an old cliché, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Here's how to get a jump on 2019. Read more


As church streaming becomes easier, production quality can suffer by way of low-cost, consumer-quality equipment and inexperienced operators. Don't fall into the trap. Production quality matters. Read more


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