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Bio: Glenn Davis is scenic designer and manager at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. He has created hundreds of scenic stage designs for large and small productions and has assisted churches all over the world. He has an equal passion for the creative arts, and serving the local church. He enjoys life with his wife Claire, children and grand children. He can be reached at

Remember that a great-looking set is only a success if it is also presents a safe environment. Ensure you are use the proper tools to assemble and fly your scenery, and make a commitment to constantly improve your rigging skills. more

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The goal for the scenic designer is to create an ambiance, an atmosphere, a unique concept --- an expression that aids in the Great Commission. more


One reason churches often have great difficulty with scenery is that most of us don’t use it enough to continually get better at making and using it. more

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There was no room for mistakes; no time in the schedule to redo, all of us have to do our homework, to make the design and construction with precision. more


To save money, all video switching, routing, audio and video servers, etc., reside in a central production room. more

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Visual art is a very powerful form of communication. more


The challenge for many churches is creating a scenic design without ruining the existing prefinished hard wood or carpeted stage floors. more


Always consider the variety of different purposes your stage floor will be used for before you create the floor. more


This article is about the design process of a scenic set for a six week series. more

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