Jesse Henning


Jesse Henning is currently film and media director at Newhope Church in Durham, North Carolina. Henning is a storyteller at heart with a passion for ministry and the art of filmmaking. He was a youth pastor for three years before feeling a strong calling into media ministry. Since 2009, he has been on a mission to craft and create visual stories of purpose and power. He has completed many projects, including commercials, animations, music videos, short films, and a feature film. He is completely self-taught and is an avid pursuer of craftsmanship and story. Henning has experience as a writer, director, cinematographer, editor, special effects artist, and as a 2D/3D animator.

A short film about how God, the Artist, paints each of our stories, the Art. But even when our stories seemingly conflict with His path for us, He uses those contradictions to draw us closer to Him. Read more

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