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John Spicer is the owner of Broken Soul Studio and the FOH Engineer for Nikki Lerner Music ( He has been involved in church audio production for over 25 years and works with churches to effectively train and engage their audio teams.


Tascam Model 24

Due to its integration of analog and digital capabilities, the Model 24 could be a great option for churches looking for a small-format solution to bridge the gap between live production and studio work. Read more


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Images courtesy of Ashly Audio.

Once you have weeded out desks that don’t fit the budget or capabilities profile, you will still likely have four or more desks from which to choose. Now what? Read more

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The overall specifications are rather impressive, with 48 channels, four main, eight matrix, and 16 aux stereo buses. But the real story is Behringer's new approach to mixing sources rather than inputs. Read more


A capable, self-sufficient audio ecosystem, the StudioLive 64S can support both live sound reinforcement and audio production needs, at a price point ideal for churches. Read more


I missed the opportunity to learn about something that a different engineer was doing, because I was too busy thinking about what I didn’t like or would have done differently. Read more

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How will you and your team respond when the audio system goes down? Trouble-shooting is usually the lead tech's job. But what role should the team play? Read more

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"You’ll find your time is spent mixing, and not on how to route audio or how to get the system perform some task." Read more

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If a job well done means the technology works seamlessly with no distractions, why do we get so frustrated when our efforts aren’t acknowledged? Read more

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Having the latest technology at your church is only one part of a critical equation. The other is whether or not you are using your desk to its fullest potential. Read more


The keys to better audio mixes may be right under your fingers. Here are three often underutilized functions that can help you grow as a sound engineer. Read more


tom-pottiger-637085-unsplash.jpg; Tom Pottiger

CPM sought out some seasoned church techs and asked what they find crucial to keep at FOH. The list ranges from the basics of hand sanitizer, batteries and breath mints to spare mics, an SPL meter and IEM's. What else would you add? Read more

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If your worship team feels disconnected from the environment and each other, the Fabrik is highly effective in bringing back a more natural, authentic feel, our reviewer finds. Read more


Stand- or boom-mounted mics rarely work well for acoustic guitar players in a live sound environment. And the tone from internal pick-ups can leave a lot to be desired. Here's a hybrid approach for sound engineers. Read more

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All of us in church production, even those who are "just" engineers for mix, lighting or broadcast, have a ministerial role to fulfill. And sometimes we have to make a choice between which role comes first--that of tech, or that of minister. Read more


Beyond listening to the clarity of the output signal, is it just best to stick with what you know? Sometimes, and sometimes not. Here’s how to dig deeper to get the right console for your church. Read more


I remember that set because I mixed it and I left disappointed in how it turned out. Now, here was God showing me firsthand that His definition of excellence, not mine, is what matters. John 6:1-13 spoke to my heart. Read more

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If you have been an audio engineer for any amount of time you likely get the sweats from simply hearing the phrase “can I get more of me?” Read more


We understand our technical world and how it supports the worship service, but can we pin point its effect in people's lives? That kind of feedback can be hard to come by. Read more

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Once at location “you simply pull the mixer off the back, plug the speakers into the mixer, and plug the mixer into the wall.” Even the necessary cabling is provided. Read more



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The Cadac CDC 7 offers a combination of top shelf audio processing and a user experience that distances itself from the traditional analog workflow, CPM's reviewer finds. Read more


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