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John Spicer is the owner of Broken Soul Studio and the FOH Engineer for Nikki Lerner Music ( He has been involved in church audio production for over 25 years and works with churches to effectively train and engage their audio teams.

Beyond listening to the clarity of the output signal, is it just best to stick with what you know? Sometimes, and sometimes not. Here’s how to dig deeper to get the right console for your church. more


I remember that set because I mixed it and I left disappointed in how it turned out. Now, here was God showing me firsthand that His definition of excellence, not mine, is what matters. John 6:1-13 spoke to my heart. more

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Once you have weeded out desks that don’t fit the budget or capabilities profile, you will still likely have four or more desks from which to choose. Now what? more

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If you have been an audio engineer for any amount of time you likely get the sweats from simply hearing the phrase “can I get more of me?” more


We understand our technical world and how it supports the worship service, but can we pin point its effect in people's lives? That kind of feedback can be hard to come by. more

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Once at location “you simply pull the mixer off the back, plug the speakers into the mixer, and plug the mixer into the wall.” Even the necessary cabling is provided. more



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The Cadac CDC 7 offers a combination of top shelf audio processing and a user experience that distances itself from the traditional analog workflow, CPM's reviewer finds. more


CPM’s reviewer sits down with the largest frame in the StudioLive Series III, the StudioLive 32, and reports on its church-minded capabilities and features. more


How will you and your team respond when the audio system goes down? Trouble-shooting is usually the lead tech's job. But what role should the team play? more

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If a job well done means the technology works seamlessly with no distractions, why do we get so frustrated when our efforts aren’t acknowledged? more

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After spending many hours pouring over the Allen & Heath dLive system, we find it a fantastic addition to the company’s lineup. This console series offers a range of features and capabilities that fit into multiple church production environments. more


How do you respond when a congregation member tries to tell you how to do your job? Doing tech can be tough, thankless and a focal point of criticism. The problem with this is that we sometimes deny our own humanity. more

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It was surprising to find features on this desk such as gain tracking, digital tube emulation, and touch-sensitive controls. more


Would you feel like a traitor saying “no” to next year’s Christmas production? If your work load reduced this past year’s Christmas celebration to a single day, perhaps it’s time to take pause and pray. more


If I am not listening to the congregation with an ear towards their participation, how can I make sure that there is room for them in the mix? more

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Sennheiser indicates that in an ideal environment, up to 15 radio links are possible. more

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Tracks Live is easy to use, reliable, and without the complexity found in many of today’s software-based tracking solutions. more


If God is able to create our skills and our desire for service, surely we can trust His timing. more

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I missed the opportunity to learn about something that a different engineer was doing, because I was too busy thinking about what I didn’t like or would have done differently. more

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Here's how to use compression to draw people’s attention to specific parts in the sonic presentation instead of simply correcting for erratic dynamic ranges. more

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