Jose David Irizarry


The job you perform is just a temporary one. It should be viewed as a stage in the growing process that God has designed for you. Read more

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A good audio signal is more important than high-quality video. You cannot keep the attention of remote viewers on your broadcast or video streaming if the audio is poor. What constitutes good broadcast audio? Here's what an expert says. Read more

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A live sound veteran outlines mic’ing techniques for achieving rock-solid sound reinforcement for drums. Read more


Patience and restraint pay off in spades when tech teams push hard to accomplish a goal and egos begin to flare. At these times, humility is never more essential. Read more


Visualizing the true shape and duraction of transients provide us a better ground to judge what values of attack, hold and release parameters we should use for a particular sound source. Practicing in a DAW is a great way to learn and experiment ... Read more

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Vocals are the crown jewel of the song. You can only do so much by riding the fader. For excellence and professionalism, your mix requires more preparation, knowledge and skill. Read more

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