June 2022


The new look of church fellowship

Remember when people used to work in buildings? Inside, our work spaces were usually nooks—either offices or cubicles—where we would retreat to get productive. We’d meet as a group in boardrooms and mingle in the hallways and kitchen areas. And then in the evening everybody would go home.

Then came 2020 and we pretty much all went home and stayed there. All the time. For everything. Even work.

But today in the church setting and in places of business everywhere—when we choose to go there physically—we find a landscape of work-space options that invite us to collaborate instead of separate. As in “get together in the same space and interact creatively.”

Our feature story this edition explores this new phenomenon and how a fresh kind of office space is bringing us together in fellowship. Even while we work.


Carol Badaracco Padgett, Editor

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