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When you focus on advance planning and communication, you can add tremendous value to your team and show them that you really care. more

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Finding new team members is critical for every church tech team. The big question is: What’s the best way to do it? more

Oct 26, 2017 10:43 AM Education

Many church techs don't think of themselves as natural leaders. However, literally anyone is capable of being a leader. All it takes is a true heart for servanthood. more


Those serving in ministry can often feel unappreciated. But if we allow hurt and bitterness to take root, it becomes almost impossible to see circumstances in a healthy way. more


God doesn’t wait until we’re polished and refined before He uses us for His work; He uses us just as we are—the whole ball of wax. more


Many of us feel perfectly comfortable with technical nature of our job, but way over our head on the ministry side. Here are three steps toward overcoming those doubts. more


Ministry is a people-first business. But differences of opinion, perspective, attitude, etc. are what lead to unmet expectations, disappointment, frustration, and tension. more


Delegating can be scary. But if you’re the one doing everything, you keep other people from having the opportunity to try something new and experience their own success. more


Tip #1: The opening worship set is a make-or-break experience. Consistency it important too. Regular attendees should feel confident bringing a guest any week. If we lose sight of the visitor's perspective, church techs can unintentionally help c... more


We read blogs and listen to podcasts about how we can grow in our technical or leadership skill. But how often do we put that same amount of effort into growing as a parent or spouse? more

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Am I regularly seeking God’s presence and supernatural provision, or am I content to rely on my own understanding and talent? As a tech team manager, it’s up to me to model an example of reverence and humility for my team. more


When we stay busy, our discernment starts to slip. Satan is just as happy with burnout as he is adultery. more


A healthy organizational culture doesn’t come from having the right meetings, or having the right core values, or having the right motivational posters on the wall. It comes from how well the life and values of the leadership are represented in th... more

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