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Even the best SPL meters cannot tell you how dull, bright, strident, muted, harsh, brilliant, smooth, or totally incomprehensible dialog and music may be. more

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We found the ATH-E70 ideal for singers, guitar players, or even drummers. And the build quality should mean they deliver many productive years for your ministry. more

Nov 30, 2016 8:35 PM Gear 2 Comments

Would you know how to trouble shoot a 70 V loudspeaker system? They were originally designed when most amplifiers and loudspeakers were in the 5- to 35-watt range. But they still have many applications today. more


Trying to communicate technical specifications to non-technical decision-makers can be frustrating to both parties involved. more

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Typical contemporary worship services would not be the same without subwoofers. But along with the benefits come some inherent difficulties. Let's start with time alignment and crossover slopes. more

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Other than piloting fighter jets, stock trading, and law enforcement, few jobs can be as demanding as working in the media department of a church. Here are some tips on how meet the challenge. more


Some engineers will turn up the mic pre gain so that the fader can be set to the unity gain mark, but this is not necessarily a good practice. Here's why. more

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The quest for acoustical linearity and what it means for sound quality at your church. more

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Careful control of dynamics can is often the difference between an average mix and one that sounds truly professional. more

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Too many sound engineers feel that only a touch of EQ is acceptable; they don’t want to “chop up” the spectrum. Not true! more

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Video and lighting are wonderful additions to a worship service. But don’t get distracted; audio is foundational. more


Many churches leave their audio equipment on day and night. But with today’s modern equipment, it’s literally a waste of time. Let’s look at what we mean by that and why. more

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How to determine when professional help is required -- and why. more

May 26, 2015 3:14 PM Gear

The great benefit of electricity is that it can be manipulated through voltage and amperage trade-offs to accomplish almost anything that the system designer wants to achieve. And therein lies the potential danger. more

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Sexy features on digital consoles often steal our attention away from basic signal integrity. Who can blame them? They are a lot more interesting than passive coils of wire wound around metal cores. Or so it would seem. more

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When it’s crunch time, the role of the audio supervisor is to make critical decisions about what ‘must be done’ versus what ‘might be nice.’ more

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A professional loudspeaker designer-turned-writer discloses what to look for in tools for small and portable churches, including all important cost/performance ratio. more


The musician's gear usually ends at the stomp box, or the speaker cabinet. But the choice of DI, or whether to use one at all, can have a significant role in shaping the sound. more


“DI” stands for “Direct Injection,” a term that goes way back to the formative days of the sound and recording industry. The concept is simple: the DI is intended to interface the output of an instrument, or that of an instrument’s amplifier, to t... more

Aug 5, 2014 2:14 PM Gear

How to realize consistent, predictable audio results through proper loudspeaker system design more


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