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A directing mistake sparked Grace Church to develop a video philosophy. The result is a common language to communicate what success looks like to the staff and volunteer video team. more

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Just 10 years ago, a 5,000-lumen projector would have been out of reach for most churches. Fast-forward to today, the new Christie AP Series gives churches the features they want and lumen output they need for an affordable price. more


Jesus was all about connecting with people and developing relationships. Technology used in the right way can do just that. With 4K, the connection between the congregation and the pastor gets more real, even life-like. This will be especially hel... more


DLP, LCD and LED technologies each have a unique affect on the image being displayed. And the variables don’t stop there. Calibration is the only way to create a consistent viewing experience. more


If the background takes center stage, then it is no longer a background, its foreground. Think of the background as a musical underscore to your favorite movie; unnoticed but critical for the moment and element. more


While specs are not much different than other 3,000-4,000-lumen projectors, it’s the laser light engine that separates the VPLFHZ55 from the crowd. Is this the beginning of a new era for large-venue projectors? more


The high-quality Canon optics, smooth, quiet, precise controls and picture quality rivals cameras costing two or three times as much. The result is a package that’s changing some people’s impressions about the role of PTZ cameras in church services. more

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Looking for an upgrade to your tired old lighting console? We take a look at consoles from eight leading lighting console manufacturers targeting the church market. more

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"The deep rich color saturation, coupled with the high lumen output, create an almost life-like image. " more


"The ideal application for the Roland VR5 is in capturing or streaming basic presentation-style events in SD resolution" more


Sanyo brings luxury-level features and performance to the portable projector category. more


This new DPI unit has a color correction menu typically reserved for projectors costing five times as much. more


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