With the right attitude and perspective, any church in America can be excellent, CPM's tech contributor finds. Because more than anything, excellence is a journey. It’s a relentless pursuit of improvement. Read more


For all of us, there will come a day when we step away from one role and into another. No matter the circumstances, it will be difficult. But it's important to learn to transition out well, in a way that honors our team, the church, and ourselves. Read more

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Typically, technical team members are behind-the-scenes people. They may naturally want to stay in the background, pushing faders or turning knobs. But part of your job as a TD is to help them step out of their comfort zones ... and into life. Read more


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No multisite church can thrive without a plan for how to handle live production and technical elements. Here are three critical concepts to consider before you lift off. Read more


Don’t fight it. It’s inevitable. Gear will break. Volunteers will quit. The set list will change last-minute. We can’t become such rigid creatures of habit that we refuse to embrace change and learn to bend with the challenges of tech ministry. Read more



Technical ministry involves dealing with people, and people can be hard to deal with. Here are tips from a seasoned tech director on how to handle tech team conflict with grace and humility. Read more


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Leaders understand that a team of one is a team of none, which means you must believe in multiple people to accomplish your task. And to do that, you must continually seek God's guidance. Read more




From a few people meeting in a garage to a multisite with 14 campuses, LCBC is on the move. Sean McDermott shares how he keeps pace and keeps growing personally. Read more


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Church technical leadership takes a high degree of practical skill, but no one trains you how to navigate the political, emotional, and social awareness issues. Most of us learn it by accidentally stepping on someone’s tripwire. Read more

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How to develop and cultivate a technical standard of excellence for all your church's services. Read more


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Most of our church technical teams are made up of Millennials with GenZ just entering the volunteer base. Yet church leadership is largely Boomer and GenX. Here’s what church technical professionals on both sides of the gap need to know. Read more


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Do you have what it takes to be successful in the role? The job involves technical know-how and a talent for logistics, for sure, but there are other critical ingredients, including intrinsic motivation--or the call to ministry. Read more


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