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EQ will not fix poor gain staging. Think of over-salted soup, it’s now part of the sound. In the glorious analog days, distortion worked for the sound guy like it did for the guitarist. Now signals are clipped and go straight from “Hey, that sound... more

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Enjoy your jobs and ministry work, but don’t make them your highest priority. The most important ministry you have is your family. more

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Are you making more effort to be superman to others more than you are to her? more

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How do you put God first? Is it your hours of service? Is it by being in church whenever the doors are open? Don't fall victim to the trap. Don't get so busy serving others that you neglect the ones that depend on you. Prove your love for God, by... more

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Ever run into a soundman who doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but refuses to allow anyone else to touch his rig? more

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The guys who immediately go into into panic mode are usually volunteers who have never set up a rig. more

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Upgrades are about solving the problems. If you don't identify the problems, how can you fix them? more

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There's nothing wrong with a big show production in the church. Just don't get caught up in production for production's sake only. more

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Here's how to protect yourself, your gear and your family. Why? Because sometimes we can let the production world become a kind of idol. more

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If I could hand them the most annoying and monotonous jobs, the least visible positions and the menial, tedious stuff and they showed back up next week, I knew I had a winner. more

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I see too many guys taking on every assignment from their church because they think it is exactly what God wants for their life. Dude. It's just a gig. Do it well, but it's not your life. more

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Don't judge me. You do it, too. Admit it. You no longer just hear the song, all you focus on that ringing snare or the acoustic guitar that's ready to feed back. Two things happened that changed my attitude when sitting in the audience. more

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While the glorious A1 tech was basking in the glow of a screaming crowd mixing FOH, I was back on monitor beach becoming part of the band. more

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Whatever is your job...mixing, directing, preaching, we are all different parts of the same body. But do we even act like we’re on the same team? more


Most of you work with museum-grade equipment, gymnasium-grade acoustics and MacGyver-grade survival skills. Still, I have encountered hundreds of techs who don't understand the basics. They are getting by, but only barely. Here are a few critical ... more

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Our’s is a work of translation. Our mission is to take whatever is in the pastor, worship leader or director’s imagination and make it real. We take whatever they are envisioning and give life to it. We have to make their vision jump off the stage... more


The more wireless systems you have, the more headaches you can generally expect. Here are a few life saving tips out to make your life easier during the most wonderful time of the year. more

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