MA Lighting

Tennessee’s Redemption to the Nations upgraded its technology to work with an extremely wide performance space. Media Director Chad Madden shares the details, the church’s vision, and his personal quest to save the lost. Read more

Case Studies

The terms “rapid change” and “technology” are synonymous. Sometimes the first to know what’s new are manufacturers’ reps, who witness first-hand the ever-evolving universe of lighting. Read more


Plaster falling off the ceiling, smoke and water damage everywhere, two iconic steeples lost in fire, yet church leadership spotted true modern-worship potential in a historic uptown location near University of Cincinnati. Read more

Case Studies

Hundreds of updates and changes are designed improve workflow for operators and programmers. Read more


A glimpse into the latest software solutions from some of the major players, where one expert notes, “Software-only systems can provide high-level control options at an entry-level price.” Read more


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