Matthew Groves

Bio: Matt Groves is an award-winning producer and director. For the past 12 years he has served as the technical director for the largest Nazarene church in North America, The Naz, located in Grove City, OH.

Consider the culture. What speaks to them? All great presenters consider who they are speaking to and tailor their presentation to that audience for more effectiveness. This same approach can be used for stage design more

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Lighting savvy technicians will recognize the bank of 10 DMX dip switches along with the up down and menu buttons that allow the PTX camera head to be addressed like a lighting fixture. more

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Each season has its own rhyme or reason, and each one is valuable in bringing about God’s plan. Young, old, or somewhere in-between, each of us is relevant and vital. more


Stage lighting can help create multiple atmospheres, not just one. Here's how to use creative fixture selection and placement to maximize your looks. more


As production directors, we are naturally cynics. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know this to be true. Unfortunately, this can taint our outlook on our jobs...and more. more

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Advice for building simple, safe and volunteer-friendly stage designs. more

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Live video production is storytelling. Tell the camera operators to get their eyes “out of the viewfinder” to allow good stage awareness. Then create an environment where it is OK to make mistakes, as long as they learn from them. more

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Getting professional effects from your moving lights may not be a function of the lights at all. Having a professional-quality hazer is vital to the success of your moving light effects. more

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