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To get the best overall lighting system for a new space or renovation, church end users have to think about more than simply selecting lighting fixtures. Power and data distribution over stage and seating areas are a crucial part of the equation. more

Oct 6, 2016 6:02 PM Gear

Demand brings once-high-end features to more cost-effective projectors, as a wider range of projector products are needed to address each new worship environment. more


Churches are hugely influential in the theatrical lighting market. Did you know you and your peers are driving new and innovative feature sets? more

Jul 24, 2014 5:38 PM Gear 2 Comments

A round up of new projection equipment right for your church production. more

Jun 12, 2014 8:29 PM Gear

A church-focused, gear-based guide to some of the latest switchers more

Mar 6, 2014 3:12 PM Gear 4 Comments

A look at high definition projectors for small and medium-sized venues more

Jan 27, 2014 5:56 PM Gear

A look at the latest, most promising developments in video switchers more


A look at the latest, most promising developments in video switchers more

Oct 15, 2013 2:59 AM Gear

Screen technology advancements give churches more options on shape, location and quality of video images more


Sony's new all-in-one portable live production unit could be ideal for portable churches, and any church doing live broadcast and webcasting. more

Aug 8, 2013 1:18 PM Gear 1 Comments

Bringing into focus what’s new and innovative in the world of projectors more


Lighting fixture maintenance can help your lights shine for years to come...affordably more

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A basic principle of lighting design is to use the controllable properties of light --- intensity, direction, movement, and color --- to help convey emotion. Of those properties, color is the cheapest and easiest to change. more

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“IMAG needs to be done well or not done at all,” says one expert. Poorly done IMAG has the potential to be a huge distraction. more


LED fixtures grew out of a simple design … gang multiple LEDs together for higher output. What are they growing into now that church tech teams need to know about? more

Mar 30, 2013 4:18 PM Gear

Allow the story to be told in an amazing setting without distracting from it. more


A round up of the latest LED fixtures with high promise for church applications more


A Connecticut church collapse spurs rebuilding, retooling, and a multi-site approach more

Jan 9, 2013 2:53 PM Case Studies

You will be spending a lot of time with this tool. Whether you are programming the lighting to playback looks at the touch of a button, running complex, multi-cued presentations, or running the lighting manually with faders, the choice of console ... more

Education 1 Comments

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