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Am I regularly seeking God’s presence and supernatural provision, or am I content to rely on my own understanding? As a tech team manager, the group will never grow past the limits placed by my own spiritual growth and development. more




From a few people meeting in a garage to a multisite with 14 campuses, LCBC is on the move. Sean McDermott shares how he keeps pace and keeps growing personally. more


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Oftentimes, church techs don't think of themselves as natural leaders. So rising to fill a leadership position can seem daunting. The good news is, literally anyone is capable of being a leader. All it takes is a heart for true servanthood. more

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Masks are fun at Halloween when kids and adults get to pretend to be something other than themselves. But in the world of church production, it's just best to be yourself--and to shed the mask you may sometimes wear. more

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Let’s use every opportunity to pass on not only our tech knowledge, but our love of Christ and others. Because at the end of the day, even though the church could and would survive without us, it can be better because of us. more


CPM caught up with Adrian Lopez, lead director of live production at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, for a compelling Q&A any church tech can learn from. more



You have been entrusted with leading some of the brightest minds in your whole church, although they may also be some of the more introverted and socially awkward as well. Here's what you can do to help them grow in their relationships. more

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Your gear needs the right input, and you're no different. If you're feeling ill at ease in your work or home life, turn over your anxiety to the only Power who can handle it. more

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Church filmmaking requires investment. There's no getting around it. But it's difficult to get leadership to green light that investment if you can't fully explain why a larger team and adequate gear is vital to your church's mission. more



Tech directors and pastors rely on each other for their church's ultimate success. But as you know, getting both busy parties speaking the same language can be challenging. Use these tips to help get the communication flowing. more


I remember that set because I mixed it and I left disappointed in how it turned out. Now, here was God showing me firsthand that His definition of excellence, not mine, is what matters. John 6:1-13 spoke to my heart. more

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It’s safe to say that Bryce Boynton is a good listener. He oversees audio for Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, Colo., a thriving multisite church with six total campuses and online services. more


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Being a church tech team member is more than being a button-pusher. When we apply our time and creative energy in producing the service and all the media around it, we help change people’s lives--and ultimately their relationship with God. more


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Just because things get busy doesn’t mean that they should be overwhelming. And just because there are high expectations doesn’t mean that we have to be crippled by them. more


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Cloud storage system is chosen solution for 20+ years of historical archives for Joyce Meyer Ministries. more

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Is your church's production rigging in line with current standards? Is your rigging hardware rated for its current application? If in doubt, check out the newly revised ANSI standard for mounting luminaires and other lighting devices. more




In a position where “unpaid” often means “undependable,” mature volunteers rarely miss their scheduled service. Also, older volunteers have flexible schedules to donate time as needed. more


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You'll never accidentally get better at your job or at life. It takes an intentional plan to grow, and it takes God's guidance. Here, one tech leader shares his 4-point strategy for personal growth. more


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How many church techs are just as intentional about their spiritual preparedness for the weekend as they are about their input list for the band? With the same care we prepare our console, Christ calls us to prepare spiritually to serve Him. more


What’s the No. 1 goal that God has for you as a church tech? Not surprisingly, it probably doesn’t revolve around your technical excellence, but instead on something much more personal. more


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