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Help, I feel isolated! Here’s how to (and how not to…) help a performer hear and perform better. Read more

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Assurance AV Solutions designs a professional sound system based on a pair of PreSonus WorxAudio W-8A full-range point-source loudspeakers and a WorxAudio X115S subwoofer, driven by QSC PDL4.3 power amplifier for Baton Rouge Catholic school. Read more

Designed to allow users run plugins in real time, customize workspace with floating windows, set extended-scope snapshots, and run live shows with more speed and confidence. Read more


I missed the opportunity to learn about something that a different engineer was doing, because I was too busy thinking about what I didn’t like or would have done differently. Read more

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How will you and your team respond when the audio system goes down? Trouble-shooting is usually the lead tech's job. But what role should the team play? Read more

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The Chapel's 500-seat auditorium is filled with students and faculty on any given day and techs say constantly re-patching due to lack of channels had become time consuming. Read more


New agreement sees Group One Ltd manage broadcast, live, studio and Audio Creator products, with introduction of new Senior Vice President Read more


Console provides needed channel count along with scene recall for quick changeover between services. Read more


New details shared on SD7 Quantum’s Spice Rack and Mustard, plus L-ISA control and Dante 64@96 DMI card updates announced Read more


16-channel live software mixer, SoundGrid-compatible stagebox, SoundGrid Proton server, Axis Proton Waves-optimized computer, 24-inch Dell touchscreen, 1U rack shelf, 8-port network switch and cables, plus three plugins designed for live sound. Read more


Visualizing the true shape and duration of transients provides us a better ground to judge what values of attack, hold and release parameters we should use for a particular sound source. Practicing in a DAW is a great way to learn and experiment ... Read more

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Avantis takes many of the features that have made SQ and dLive so popular for churches, putting them in a standalone 64-channel digital audio mixer that offers a new UI experience with connectivity to the company's Everything I/O ecosystem. Read more


Speed. Redundancy. Application. What else do you need to consider to make the wisest console choice for your church? Read more


Some engineers will turn up the mic pre gain so that the fader can be set to the unity gain mark, but this is not necessarily a good practice. Here's why. Read more

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Dirty power has become the go to word to describe any oddity or instability in the incoming electrical quality. It often involves voltage fluctuations, frequency changes, and other variations that cause the power to be unstable. These fluctuations... Read more

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dLive S5000 allows event's FOH engineer to manage each artist’s set, with up to 32 microphones and backing tracks, using dLive scenes and layers Read more


Blackhawk Audio integrates SD5, SD5B and SD12 consoles and four SD-Racks connected via Optocore Read more


The big news here is that PreSonus has reached this 64-input mark at a previously unheard of price point of around $4,000. Read more


With LV1’s eight plugins per mixer channel and the SoundGrid Driver, TD says he’s spending much less time changing EQ and compression week to week Read more


It’s easy to get caught up in new toys, but chances are you are not using your current audio effects to their full potential. Read more

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