Two compact models are designed to offer a high load capacity of 15 amps and heavy-duty, road-ready metal construction. more



Unsplash; Edward Cisneros

Coordinating your lighting design with the use of your video can add a new dimension of aesthetics to your worship environment. more


keagan-henman-718650-unsplash.jpg; Keagan Henman

From console interfaces, calculators, stand-alone apps, to reference guides, these apps shine. more


Look around you. Church technical arts and pro AVL tend to be dominated by men. But CPM's contributor proposes that this needs to change, and that there is a biblical imperative for women serving in church tech. more




Church creatives tend to be quick thinkers. But there are times when slowing down before taking action can help create a richer idea palette, and a better production in the long-run. more


COR_12-live video directing.jpg

Image courtesy of Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, Kan.

Live directing isn't for the faint of heart. It requires the ability to deliver clear direction, quick feedback, and maintain a steady emotional equilibrium when dealing with others. Following are simple tips that can help. more


big live streaming results_sized.jpg

Live streaming excellence is not beyond your reach. What small churches lack in resources, they often make up for in determination. And even little improvements, over time, will make for a live-streaming ministry that starts to match your big vision. more


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These three simple caveats can keep your equipment planning and purchasing on task and relatively trouble-free. more


stage lighting.jpg

The two basic approaches to running lighting each come with draws and drawbacks that church techs must weigh. And a hybrid of the two is yet another option to consider. more



Images courtesy of Cadac.

The Cadac CDC 7 offers a combination of top shelf audio processing and a user experience that distances itself from the traditional analog workflow, CPM's reviewer finds. more


streaming camcorder.jpg

For a church’s multisite model to be effective, the quality of the video experience has to be top-notch and repeatable from week to week. CPM reports on how to cover all your bases and ensure success. more


safe rigging-sized.jpg

Image courtesy of ETCP.

Churches are eager to train techs on sound, video and lighting. But rigging safety? Not so much. This makes no sense when hundreds, oftentimes thousands, of pounds will be suspended above your congregants' heads. more


Mainline Arkansas church morphs into contemporary flagship for worship tech more

Case Studies

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No matter how fantastic your church's teaching, a number of attendees will connect with your services based on the music. These tips can help pastors, worship leaders and tech directors work hand-in-hand toward a unified goal of bringing people back. more

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volunteers working-sized.jpg

Very few volunteers find their way into ministry without a personal invitation. Most are there because of a film team leader who made a simple, easy and personal invitation. You can be that leader. more


In all the time you've worked in production, you have probably never heard anyone say, “You know what we need? Less intercom." There are important reasons for that. more


convincing church leadership-sized.jpg

Building an effective filmmaking ministry from the ground up presents a distinct set of challenges for tech directors and video producers. Here's how to "cast vision" for church leadership so they understand the resources and the gear that you need. more


essential tools-sized.jpg

Once equipped with these five basic categories of gear that filmmakers need to create solid media, your church's film ministry will be ready for lift-off. more


victory lap.jpg

Now that Easter’s in the rearview mirror, what do we do with ourselves? Rejoice, reflect, and beware the strange lull.... more


building teams-sized.jpg

Most of us in church technical arts like productions to run a certain way. But don’t let fear become a roadblock to trusting that everything will be fine without you. It's God-honoring to learn to step away and recharge--and to let others step up. more


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