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It may be tempting to regard very low frequencies (below 20 Hz) as more of a special effect, better suited to show business than to worship experiences. But this kind of thinking actually runs contrary to hundreds of years of church history. more

Feb 6, 2018 12:00 AM Education

If your mixes are in a rut of mind-numbing sameness, it’s time to try something new. Here, in no particular order, are several things you can try to breathe new life into your mixes. more

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FOH Engineer Chris McMillan Adds DPA Microphones to Touring Audio Package more

Dec 11, 2017 2:15 PM News

Wirebox Media of Smyrna, Georgia, updates 20-year-old system with Geo array, QL5 console and a Yamaha DME24N digital mix engine more

Dec 11, 2017 1:55 PM News

We found it to be ideal for church applications requiring just a few channels of wireless (up to a maximum of 11) or for adding to an existing house of worship system operating in another frequency band. more

Nov 28, 2017 7:20 PM Gear

System allows drummers to record performances with added effects more

Nov 26, 2017 12:11 AM News

Users learn console operation in six-chapter course at their own pace and test to earn certificate more

Nov 25, 2017 9:53 PM News

Roland’s M-5000 Digital Audio Console and V-1200HD Video Switcher address functional issues with audio recording and video latency more

Nov 21, 2017 4:21 PM News

Glenn Rogers remains a director of Audiotonix group more

Nov 17, 2017 11:55 PM News

Operating wireless systems is getting more complicated, and the excuse of “Well, it was working earlier,” simply does not hold merit any longer. more

Nov 16, 2017 10:20 PM , Education

Anthem Community Church in Gainesville, Fla., installs Roland M-5000, selected for flexible use by professionals and volunteers more

Nov 8, 2017 12:27 PM News

With a hole in the middle of the lineup, A&H engineers hit the drawing boards and came up with the nifty new ME-500 personal mixer, a junior sibling to the ME-1 that retails for around $400. Let’s take a look. more

Nov 6, 2017 8:37 PM Gear

A/V company’s CEO finds myMix portable recording interface/monitoring solution to be a simple, sonic match for Tennessee-based mega church more

Oct 31, 2017 3:02 PM News

Advanced AMM designed to handle up to 64 microphones and assign mics to four different AMM configurations more

Oct 31, 2017 2:56 PM News

New cost-effective platform is designed to be both easy-to-use and highly customizable. more

Oct 25, 2017 10:46 AM News

Maintaining a stress-free sound check does not simply mean that everything is working technically. It's also about keeping a professional, clean and relaxing environment. more

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Plug ‘n’ play compatible with Allen & Heath’s digital mixer range and with third party digital consoles via the ME-U hub more

Oct 11, 2017 1:33 PM News

Mac- and Windows-compatible, 24-bit, 96 kHz, USB 2.0 audio interface more

Oct 9, 2017 12:21 PM News

Designed to mount directly on snare or tom rims and stay put with energetic drummers more

Oct 9, 2017 12:12 PM News

“I used to spend so much time setting up and mic’ing guitar cabinets each week.,” says Bryce Boynton, audio director at Flatirons Church. “It just seemed like there had to be an easier way. more


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