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The affordable FlyPipe lets churches hang lighting fixtures, projection screens, and other overhead theatrical devices from the floor, and then remotely raise them high above the stage. Read more


How to determine when professional help is required -- and why. Read more

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Lightweight solution to overhead hanging positions for lighting, AV and soft goods. Read more


Rigging is an art--delivering beauty and engagement on one hand, and danger on the other. A CPM contributor shares a one-on-one interview with a renowned secular stage production rigger, gleaning smart advice for those in the church setting. Read more

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Sometimes smartphones get a bad rap, but they may be one of the most convenient tools at a church tech's disposal. Case in point: here are seven apps that are as vitally useful for worship systems design as they are affordable. Read more

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The key to creating effective stage designs on a budget is to use your imagination. Simplicity and honesty are usually much more effective than the most expensive stage set. Read more


For the church tech, USITT (Louisville, March 20-23, 2019) offers growing showcase of exciting new products that will enable your church to do world-class production. Make sure to check out the hot new technology from these manufacturers: Read more


Everybody knows the importance of safety on the job. But it can oftentimes be overlooked by small teams who are rushed to set up an entire church--sound, video, chairs--in just a couple of hours. Read more


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When you're outside your worship space, grab a pen and paper and make a list of everything you can think of that's hanging over head. Then walk into the sanctuary and look up. Did you miss anything? Odds are you did. Read more


Regardless of the size of your Christmas production, successful stage designs require creativity, planning and effective collaboration. Here's how three church teams get it done. Read more


Two ADJ Road Tour dates remain for 2018 highlighting latest lighting, audio and video technologies debuted at LDI 2018. Read more


Two-day symposium includes a variety of technical and workplace related sessions, as well as opportunities for ETCP education renewal credits for re-certification Read more


Guidance to mitigate risks for protection of actors and technicians Read more


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Is your church's production rigging in line with current standards? Is your rigging hardware rated for its current application? If in doubt, check out the newly revised ANSI standard for mounting luminaires and other lighting devices. Read more


What elements play into staging success from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint? And what processes should be in place for a design, regardless of size or scope? Read more

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Coordinating your lighting design with the use of your video can add a new dimension of aesthetics to your worship environment. Read more


The matte black version has found its way into just about every production application because of its remarkable variety of uses. We’ve compiled just a few you may have never thought of. Read more

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Even if you have a staff member with rigging experience, you should think twice. One of the greatest benefits to using a certified rigger is that they are licensed, insured and bonded. Read more

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Churches are eager to train techs on sound, video and lighting. But rigging safety? Not so much. This makes no sense when hundreds, oftentimes thousands, of pounds will be suspended above your congregants' heads. Read more


The bottom line of the parable and the mission of the workplace and health safety organization is this: we have a responsibility to see the Divine in others and to protect them. Do you see the parallels to the importance of safe staging and rigging? Read more


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