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Our culture seems to spur us on toward individual achievement. And yet, real innovation, creativity and growth multiply with a collaborative approach. more


Look around you. Church technical arts and pro AVL tend to be dominated by men. But CPM's contributor proposes that this needs to change, and that there is a biblical imperative for women serving in church tech. more




Church creatives tend to be quick thinkers. But there are times when slowing down before taking action can help create a richer idea palette, and a better production in the long-run. more


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Image courtesy of Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, Kan.

Live directing isn't for the faint of heart. It requires the ability to deliver clear direction, quick feedback, and maintain a steady emotional equilibrium when dealing with others. Following are simple tips that can help. more


How do you respond when people make mistakes or don’t follow through on their commitments? Do you ever find yourself sounding frustrated or harsh? Here's how to lead with humility, gentleness and patience. more


We understand our technical world and how it supports the worship service, but can we pin point its effect in people's lives? That kind of feedback can be hard to come by. more

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Both attributes are ultimately granted to us by God. Perhaps the most important thing to recognize is where one’s unique talent lies and where hard work will need to make up the difference. more



As a technical team leader, it's important to focus on what's good about your productions and your team -- and not just on the weak points that need improvement. The idea is to shift a mindset of "if only" to a culture of "what if...." more


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No matter how fantastic your church's teaching, a number of attendees will connect with your services based on the music. These tips can help pastors, worship leaders and tech directors work hand-in-hand toward a unified goal of bringing people back. more

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Very few volunteers find their way into ministry without a personal invitation. Most are there because of a film team leader who made a simple, easy and personal invitation. You can be that leader. more


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A church tech travels to Japan and learns from Panasonic’s company philosophy of meichi, “to know the mission.” Some key takeaways for technical team members: that of joyfully giving our time and energy, and of leading people from suffering to peace. more


Plain and simple, people want to belong and to be part of something relevant. Our church tech teams can open up, invite people into the inner sanctum, and offer them an invitation to serve. more


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Now that Easter’s in the rearview mirror, what do we do with ourselves? Rejoice, reflect, and beware the strange lull.... more


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Most of us in church technical arts like productions to run a certain way. But don’t let fear become a roadblock to trusting that everything will be fine without you. It's God-honoring to learn to step away and recharge--and to let others step up. more


An alarming number of church techs struggle with burnout each year. But there are healthy ways to relieve stress, find rest, and refocus on the purpose of your calling. more


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Part-time, full-time, staffer or contractor, what type of talent does your tech team need? A seasoned church production director shares his approach to hiring, and the key character traits he looks for in his chosen candidate. more


Sometimes the people we mentor are suffering in a silent way, and that gives us an opportunity to shine God’s light at the end of their tunnel. more


Colorado's multisite Red Rocks Church shares its successful technical team structure, focus, plan and the beauty of storytelling. more


Dear Pastor, here are three important things we tech team members respectfully need you to know. more


There are two kinds of growth: deep and wide. As you grow the width of your team (sheer numbers), make sure you are also helping them grow in depth. more

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