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I have to admit that I went into so many production meetings just waiting to shoot down ideas.This put me into a very negative space, making me a pretty bad team player. Then one day, I turned a corner. Read more

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If you are killing the production parts, but steam rolling over people, you're totally missing what it means to follow Christ as a technical artist. You must be doing both. Read more

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If you are using technology to help spread the Gospel at your church, staying up to date and investing wisely can prove challenging. Here’s how to effectively plan to make that happen. Read more

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Our congregations are accustomed to seeing great lighting for TV. Why should they expect anything less from their church? Read more


Regardless of why change is happening or what the change is, we all need to come to grips with the fact that change is coming, and figure out ways to deal with it. Read more

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When Christmas is over, will you still be in the race or will you and your team have fried your souls in the pursuit of a Christmas program? Read more

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If we hope to create life-changing moments through the creative and technical arts, we must embrace improvisation and diplomacy. Read more

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A viable option when considering solutions for applications that historically would require multiple mics or are in particularly challenging acoustic spaces. Read more

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Plan A can only take care of the things we can plan for. What about the unplanned for things? Plan B. Read more


Here are eight questions you need to answer while planning your next live production event. Read more


Leading yourself well is the first step to leading your team well. You can’t expect to lead your volunteers in a healthy process if you aren’t living one yourself. It is important to create a plan that has margin and is sustainable over the course... Read more

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As a tech person, I tend to find myself back in the booth just trying to facilitate what other people have heard from God. Hearing from God is something that happens to other people. Read more

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Doing something incredible every week can’t be sustained, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go after the dream every now and then. Read more

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The God of hope wants to fill us with joy and peace. All we need to do is put our trust in him. If we just Him have control of our circumstances, and allow Him to have his way, we can overflow with hope. Read more

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Are you using your gift because you love production stuff and your church is a good outlet for that? Or are you maxing out your gift at your church because you know that God has chosen to need it for the greater good of his body functioning properly? Read more

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The idea of Gurus started 10 plus years ago, as a way for church production people to get together and share ideas. Read more


Whatever the weak link in your production system, it is not so bad that God can’t work. Read more

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Creative Solutions: A new way to respond to new ideas Read more


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