Some must-haves (like wireless DMX and gaff tape) are self-evident. Others, like the Skeletool and Easy Button, may be things you never knew your tech team needed. Read more




Sometimes smartphones get a bad rap, but they may be one of the most convenient tools at a church tech's disposal. Case in point: here are seven apps that are as vitally useful for worship systems design as they are affordable. Read more

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Camera movement can create undeniable impact--helping capture unforgettable moments from new perspectives. For church filmmakers, innovative tools from sliders to drones to gimbal systems mean they're limited only by their imaginations. Read more


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From console interfaces, calculators, stand-alone apps, to reference guides, these apps shine. Read more


Two compact models are designed to offer a high load capacity of 15 amps and heavy-duty, road-ready metal construction. Read more



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As apps go, there are a lot of choices. Some are free and limited, others are pricier or require more expensive hardware. The key to getting what's right for your church is to compare them all -- and don’t choose based solely on price. Read more


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If you're a worship leader looking for an app to make your job easier, this massive list probably has something for you. Check out all seven categories and share them with your tech teammates. Read more


New color-changing LED fixture boasts an impressive output of more than 9,500 lumens, while camera-friendly technology reportedly eliminates camera flicker on even the most demanding HD cameras. Read more


Library holds more than 30 years of teachings from renowned pastor Dr. Jack Hayford. Read more


Level 1 of Audinate’s popular Dante certification program can now be completed start-to-finish online Read more


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