Growth in variety of Yamaha users and products places unprecedented importance on education and training activities more


Regardless of the size of your Christmas production, successful stage designs require creativity, planning and effective collaboration. Here's how three church teams get it done. more


It's ​easy to celebrate Thanksgiving one day and complain about our jobs and the holiday workload the next. Resist the urge, and instead ​work to ​cultivate an ongoing attitude of gratitude. more


Here are three important perspectives to keep in mind as you finish your Christmas production planning, lest we slip into “lather, rinse, repeat” mode because it’s the path of least resistance and requires the least amount of work. more


Two ADJ Road Tour dates remain for 2018 highlighting latest lighting, audio and video technologies debuted at LDI 2018. more


The company's HXC-FB80 full HD studio camera system is designed to grow with churches through ongoing firmware upgrades. more


CPM writer David Jacques takes home a Hoglet console for California State University - Long Beach more


Two-day symposium includes a variety of technical and workplace related sessions, as well as opportunities for ETCP education renewal credits for re-certification more



If you want to recruit great volunteers and have some to spare, consider using these methods to shift your volunteer strategy from point-of-need to pipeline. more

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Oftentimes, church techs don't think of themselves as natural leaders. So rising to fill a leadership position can seem daunting. The good news is, literally anyone is capable of being a leader. All it takes is a heart for true servanthood. more

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A self-described "ADD, procrastinating, less-than-organized" tech director shares three pieces of advice to get you and your team on sound footing--and working toward your end-of-year production plans. more

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Guidance to mitigate risks for protection of actors and technicians more



You have been entrusted with leading some of the brightest minds in your whole church, although they may also be some of the more introverted and socially awkward as well. Here's what you can do to help them grow in their relationships. more

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Joshua Curlett, SoundPro CEO, and Christy Rickets, head of the AVIXA local group and vice president of operations and marketing at Contemporary Research, join forces at the AVIXA Women's Council meeting in Dallas. more


I remember that set because I mixed it and I left disappointed in how it turned out. Now, here was God showing me firsthand that His definition of excellence, not mine, is what matters. John 6:1-13 spoke to my heart. more

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Classes to offer instruction on Dante-based network design, CL and QL Series Digital Mixing Console features, and Rivage Digital Mixing System components more


The microphone: It is often the least-thought-about component in the design phase, but it may actually be the most important element in the sound chain. more

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It's tempting to put on blinders and fall headfirst into your Christmas production. But that can take a good chunk of joy out of the season for you and your team. Here's how to focus on advance planning and communication instead. more

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Features notable special guest engineers in the industry to educate, inspire and motivate more


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Once you have weeded out desks that don’t fit the budget or capabilities profile, you will still likely have four or more desks from which to choose. Now what? more

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