Look around you. Church technical arts and pro AVL tend to be dominated by men. But CPM's contributor proposes that this needs to change, and that there is a biblical imperative for women serving in church tech. more


Make giant leaps forward in hardware, software, streaming and social media technologies now enable churches of all sizes to incorporate live streaming into their offerings. We explore five trouble spots churches should avoid. more


Church filmmakers and video production team members are invited to submit entries free of charge at Categories include promos, event recaps (mission trips, baptisms, etc.), testimonial/life-change videos and more. more


The matte black version has found its way into just about every production application because of its remarkable variety of uses. We’ve compiled just a few you may have never thought of. more

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Even if you have a staff member with rigging experience, you should think twice. One of the greatest benefits to using a certified rigger is that they are licensed, insured and bonded. more

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Creating a detailed information packet about your church and your concert preparations can help insure everyone is on the same page. Here's what to include. more


Two-day church tech conference presented by CSMT, host of the world's largest church-tech Facebook group. more


MxU One-Day FOH mixing events for the worship engineer, musician, and the creative team more


Most of us assume a worship leader is someone who leads the music. Romans 12:1 suggests otherwise. more

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No matter how fantastic your church's teaching, a number of attendees will connect with your services based on the music. These tips can help pastors, worship leaders and tech directors work hand-in-hand toward a unified goal of bringing people back. more

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Most of us in church technical arts like productions to run a certain way. But don’t let fear become a roadblock to trusting that everything will be fine without you. It's God-honoring to learn to step away and recharge--and to let others step up. more


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Part-time, full-time, staffer or contractor, what type of talent does your tech team need? A seasoned church production director shares his approach to hiring, and the key character traits he looks for in his chosen candidate. more


Houses of worship have tended to fly under the radar in terms of the need for rigging safety certification, until now. more


Easter is the second highest attended church service after Christmas, so it’s wise to be prepared. Once you have a basic plan, lock down a schedule and put out the word to your volunteers. Then it’s time to jump into checklist mode. more


As many churches know, capturing quality recordings is easy to discuss in a staff meeting but hard to accomplish in real life. Here, tools to set you up for success. more


If you are killing the production parts, but steam rolling over people, you're totally missing what it means to follow Christ as a technical artist. You must be doing both. more

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Innovative expo format from Australia, popular with visitors and exhibitors, is debuting in the Southeast this September more


Who do you work for? Think about it. He can do anything, including listening to your prayers and helping to steady you when the going gets tough. more


I learned an important lesson in my 20s that I carry with me to this day, and it is this: The root of being firm in life is to be firm in your faith. Be firm in believing God. more


There are two kinds of growth: deep and wide. As you grow the width of your team (sheer numbers), make sure you are also helping them grow in depth. more

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