How will you and your team respond when the audio system goes down? Trouble-shooting is usually the lead tech's job. But what role should the team play? Read more

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It's good to have a healthy, honest opinion of yourself. The problem occurs when you deny your shortcomings, your failings, and you view yourself as better than others. Read more

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Whatever is your job...mixing, directing, preaching, we are all different parts of the same body. But do we even act like we’re on the same team? Read more


Education courses designed to help RF coordinator’s evolving challenges with wireless microphones Read more


The dictionary defines patience as: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Ephesians 4 takes it a step further. Read more


Some engineers will turn up the mic pre gain so that the fader can be set to the unity gain mark, but this is not necessarily a good practice. Here's why. Read more

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To Munoz, worship is technical as well as spiritual. Those serving as volunteer techs at a church shouldn’t feel like it’s a job, he says, but more like a form of worship. Read more


McGill University student is the first to be awarded the new scholarship for studying the future of sound. Read more


URTA to hold MFA recruiting event at LDI Show in Las Vegas Read more


In the same way body language has a profound effect on what’s being communicated between humans, so too does the visual element of any worship space. And the only way to become cognizant of this fact is to pay attention and ask better questions. Read more

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No matter how fantastic your church's teaching, a number of attendees will connect with your services based on the music. These tips can help pastors, worship leaders and tech directors work hand-in-hand toward a unified goal of bringing people back. Read more

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Lighting terms are often misunderstood due to double meanings and definitions that depend on context. We tackle the top 50+ terms for church technical artists. Read more

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Church production should no longer be about the gear, the process or the presentation excellence. We need to feed sheep. Read more

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A tour sound and studio veteran weighs in on what it takes to get church percussion sounding just right. Read more

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Regardless of your political beliefs, your race or where you stand on social issues, there is one thing that all churches should be able to agree on. God is love and he has called us to love one another. Read more

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Dirty power has become the go to word to describe any oddity or instability in the incoming electrical quality. It often involves voltage fluctuations, frequency changes, and other variations that cause the power to be unstable. These fluctuations... Read more

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Here are some fun and creative ways you can improve the clarity and punch in your church's audio mix. Read more

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When it comes to building an effective training process, there are three main qualities that the process must have. Here's a hint: Benchmarks are key. Read more

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Delegating can be scary. But if you’re the one doing everything, you keep other people from having the opportunity to try something new and experience their own successes. Read more


If you want to take your mixing to the next level and set a tone for your church’s services, you've got to put your heart into the art. Read more


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